Spring AMQP with Rabbit MQ


If you could please come up with a Spring AMQP with Rabbit MQ series with some real world use cases.


Do you have experience with any other messaging brokers like ActiveMQ?


Hi Marco,
No i have not experience with ActiveMQ.



Any specific reason you would like to see RabbitMQ covered first? I.e. is your company using it? Heard good things about it?


You could do it at later point in time if you wish.
Yes Marco it is used in where i work.
But there is no good course out there about it and the best practices.




The project is already sketched out, it will be a tiny video conversion service ala youtube: you upload a file to a website and this file then gets converted to , say, 1920x1080 video format. All done with the help of events/rabbitmq etc.

Stay tuned for more updates :smiley:


Thank you Marco sounds great :+1: