Suggestion Needed For a Beginner


Hello Everyone,
I am new to this community and currently a PHP developer. I am starting Java Development and that’s why I am here. The most difficult thing for me is understanding Spring. I have some web applications by me in PHP now I want some in Java & Spring/Spring Boot. Please show me the roadmap or pathway to build a CRUD based web application(user registration & session) in Java Spring/Spring Boot. I have completely no idea about it.

Thanks in advance.

Asif Salman Malik


Hey @asif,
my general suggestion would be ,you need to understand some Spring BEFORE diving into Spring boot.

I would advise you to watch this first:

Then start with:


This should get you in the right direction pretty quickly.

Let me know whenever you encounter a problem!



Thank you so much @marco_behler. I was waiting for it for a long time. A N M Bazlur Rahman( suggested for your guideline. Hopefully, it will be a great journey for me.